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Two handcart are evaluated have roughly standard

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The car of 1.6MT of Fu Kang of luxurious edition both sides that I have the card on September 2002, commute use, course of development is seventy-six thousand four hundred kilometer now, the exterior and interior trim (interior trim is light color) maintain very well, car condition and performance are good, how many fund can you still sell now excuse me?

Evaluate division: The damage value of two handcart is evaluated cannot treat as the same, specific damage value is easy because of the car, but also have probably standard. The Fu Kang 1.6MT this 2002 buys valence to should be in 130 thousand yuan many when stylish car, add all sorts of miscellaneous levies such as insurance, should control in 150 thousand yuan. This model belongs to function to stabilize " old 3 appearance " car section, vehicle performance is steady, user public praise is good, but the new car price of Fu Kang 1.6MT also does not cross 80 thousand yuan many now, according to the prices that at present old car trades, if the car had not gone grave accident, formalities cost is complete, the referenced price that car condition fine can give out very much should be controlled for 35 thousand yuan.

" the market signs up for " (2008-08-11 the 24th edition)

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