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Old driver experience talks about what most person can make to raise a car 12 bl

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Now illicit home car advocate increasing, everybody hopes his love car leaves for a long time, reduce the cost of maintenance. Want to accomplish this, must learn scientific conserve to love a car. But, in the car a few problems often appear in maintaining, car conserve expert says, some people think originally is to maintaining car, but actually outsmart oneself however attaint love a car. Looked the following 12 kinds of wrong methods that raise a car, you also come check the number is entered, have what change, without increase strive to do what is beyond one's power!

Does 1. burning sun issue ─ of the ─ that wash a car to hurt car lacquer?

Car of home of a lot of illicit advocate like to wash a car below burning sun, the can get on automobile body very quickly water insolation after thinking to be washed so. Actually is wrong, the convex effect that below burning sun place of the water that wash a car forms can make the stratosphere of car lacquer produces phenomenon of local high temperature, time is long, car lacquer can lose luster. If be in,wax right now, cause automobile body colour and lustre easily also inhomogenous. So, washing a car to wax had better be to be in have obstructed requirement next undertaking, if cannot assure, had better choose undertake in time of cloudy day or the morning that are sunshine, dusk.

2. washs a car to kill air conditioning like bathing ─ ─

Summertime air temperature is elevatory, dirt is increased, automobile body is light dirty, car advocate the frequency that washs a car also begins to rise, a lot of cars advocate like also hoping to resemble bathing to oneself when washing a car, do thoroughly. But what here should notice is, must maintain the Gan Shuang of appearance of car air conditioning, if car air conditioning does not take care to be wetted, can affect the life of car air conditioning.

3. circle means waxes ─ ─ effect is differred

A lot of people wax to automobile body chronic ground undertakes with circle means, this is incorrect method. Wax means is correctly with linear means, line of in any case undertakes alternately, on the direction that flows by rainwater again last, such ability achieve the result that reduces car lacquer surface produce a ring of light of homocentric circle shape.

─ of too much ─ gives 4. engine oil breakdown

When the engine oil in should launching case of engine oil base is insufficient, the quantity because of engine oil is little and the attrition such as bearing and journal will be lubricant undesirable, aggravate wears away degree, cause accident of the axis that burn tile even. But, if engine oil is too much, main aspects of handle of the crankshaft when engine is working, connecting rod can arise to churn acutenessly, increased loss of engine interior power not only, and still can make splash grow in quantity of crock of mural engine oil, generation burns an engine oil breakdown. Accordingly, the engine oil in the carapace end engine oil should be controlled in engine oil feet on, between next reticle had better.
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