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How to cheer to love a car

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A few cars advocate feel the car leaves rise heavier and heavier, quicken especially, clear sense is faint when climbing slope. To the discovery after maintenance service station is checked, engine firebox carbon deposit brings about dynamical inadequacy too much, its reason is the use requirement that imposes petrolic grade to fail to reach engine to place love a car.

Oil price insanity rises, as the car advocate helpless, then for be economical, many cars advocate begin to be reduced to love a car " grain ration " standard, choose low grade benzine in succession, result however because cheer improper cause car occurrence trouble. In fact, the knowledge that cheers about the car is not little, cheer means ability correctly to be him province fall truly " silver " .

   Cheer grade: Choose by compression ratio

"Choose petrolic for car first standard is compression ratio, compression ratio is engine total volume and firebox cubage than. For instance, compression ratio is in 8 ~ the car of 9 is applicable 93 benzine. Use the gasoline engine under applicable grade to deflagrate with respect to easy generation, namely fuel burns ahead of schedule inside engine, this will cause engine power to reduce, oily cost raises, the car is quickened, climb slope faint. Time grew to still can make engine overheat, piston, bearing be out of shape attaint. " the personage inside course of study introduces, will save expenditure through reducing benzine grade its result not only not be economical, can give a car instead advocate cause beyond recall loss.

Accordingly, a car uses the gas of what grade, not be a car advocate can change anyhow, it is decided by car itself. Be equivalent to the measures size of the shoe that the person wears, if your foot suits to wear 43 shoe, you are not the shoe that lets it wear 40, can give an issue.

   How much to cheer: 2/3 gasoline tank can

When be being cheered every time, should make sure oily watch shows still have one case oil, did not wait for red light to shine to be cheered again. Did not wait for oil lamp to shine to be cheered again as far as possible. Because oil pump is located in inside gasoline tank, the temperature when oil pump works continuously is higher, dip can drop in temperature effectively in fuel. And oily side shows when oil lamp is bright already under oil pump, if wait for the lamp to shine to be cheered again every time,can shorten the service life of oil pump, keep oil too little or fuel is extinct oil pump of possible still burn down. In the meantime, summer enrages Wen Gao, if love a car often travel of low oil level, bring about benzine easily to evaporate fast, form in oil path " vapour lock " , this meeting makes engine movement flabby, produce the phenomenon such as difficulty of flameout, restart even. Cheer to love car of course need not want to add every time full, if you basically are in the urban district travel, generally speaking, the 2/3 that adds gasoline tank every time can. Because the urban district often goes to stop, if add full oil to be able to accentuate the bear of engine, start faint and make car bad news oily again.
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