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The summer loves car batholith how to maintain

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Phlogistic summer is seasonal, the friend that has a car more very much is in pretentious how do oneself undertake the estivate inside the car through all sorts of means, but almost the person that all driving metropolis oversight a the most important part -- car batholith.

Car batholith is to divide tire beyond most the car assembly of ground of press close to. Car is in travel process, the grit that splatters on road surface bumps chassis ceaselessly, the original antirust layer on chassis is destroyed gradually, the metal is exposed outside. Summer, upper by day high temperature makes chassis broil heat unusual, by the contractive car after the damp in night air corrodes temperature fall after a rise slowly, day after day, year answer a year, eventually one day we can discover chassis already 1000 sore 100 aperture. And the injury of chassis can browbeat further more use of other parts normally: Turn to oil of damage, leakage, batholith to be out of shape... can arise from this.

How to protect car batholith? The famous beautiful car on Shanghai acts the role of the professional personage of · car general merchandise, introduced to us at present the preventive measure of the most popular a kind of batholith on international -- chassis armor.

Chassis armor, just as its name implies gives car batholith mount solid armour namely. And in fact this also is to protect car batholith at present really the only method of bare component. Professional chassis armor is a kind spray of special stretch and colloid material is on car batholith, the noise place of chassis and hub upper part complete package rises, the chassis covering layer that after natural firm writtens guarantee, its form, can reduce the loss that Sha Shi bumps, anticorrosive and antirust. Divide this beyond, chassis armor still can have better sound insulation effect.

Chassis armor grows time in China still short, the person that drive is fewer to this understanding. The expert that beautiful car acts the role of tells us: The data that at present chassis armor place uses basically has 2 kinds, colloid pledge with lacquer, character difference is bigger, the price also differs very far. Chassis armor serves as a project kind service project, the reason that must have construction by professional construction personnel has 3:

One, before undertaking construction serves must will four-wheel tear open below, chassis is thoroughly clean;

2, colloid material writtens guarantee harmful gas can volatilize in the process in solid, be opposite below the circumstance that does not have preventive measure handlers health is adverse.

3, colloid material need is divided according to solid knot time second spray equably in chassis surface, ability achieves solid knot ply truly, play batholith armoured is true action.

By this token, store of a professional construction chooses when undertaking chassis armor far bester than choosing the most valuable data comes importantly. (zephyr)
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