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The day heats up a driver to eat bit of meat less

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High temperature weather makes the driver produces be agitated psychology easily. Consider to make clear, in hot weather " eat the meat much " the mood disposition that can let a person becomes more be agitated, this meeting affects the judgement in process of driver drive a vehicle, analysis and reaction ability directly.   

Looked to also must not eat! Ha! Greedy dead drivers!

Why " eat the meat much " does the mood disposition that can you let a person become more be agitated? Because,this is the flesh kind in contain many animal protein, the lubricious ammonia acid content that can make a head medium decreases, and the tendency that causes a person to aggressive, anxious become reconciled is fought. Next, rate of the calcic in the flesh is not high, eat more can cause the calcium inside body density is too low, also can increase a person to reach irratable tendency testily. Finally, a lot of people know, the flesh kind in contain many saturation adipose, absorb too much can make blood-vessel sclerotic, raise high blood pressure then. Blood pressure heighten is a when cause favor mood to be not stabilized main reason.
The driver retains summer delicate food, disposition will be gentler. Many serum element is contained in vegetable, fruit, what can reduce a person is aggressive. Accordingly, manage in daily life dexterity is clever undertake food matchs, can drop food the negative effect to the mood. Part of nutrition of rich carbohydrate, cellulose, iron, calcic etc is contained in vegetable, can rise to relieve inflammation or internal heat certainly action of moisten the respiratory tract. And food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, wait like oaten, unpolished rice and whole wheat bread, they are contained a lot ofbut dissolvability fiber, blood pressure can be reduced with adipose union inside bowel.
In addition, when air temperature exceeds 35 ℃ , perspire cause haemal sticky consistency to lift more, also can arouse the person's irritating sentiment, drink water to be able to rise to allow the action of haemal dilute more, make the mood gentle come down.

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