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Capital city canal executes the law start off of wheel belt mud is punished 5000

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On August 27, because the wheel after rain takes slimy set out on a journey, the road surface that causes about 4000 square metre is polluted, a transport company is fined with 5000 yuan by point of Haidian city tube.

Yesterday morning, from ZhongGuanCun ave edifice of ability of manage engineering course comes crossing of Wei Gong village, one end length is made an appointment with 200 rice, wide muddy rut was bestrewed to imprint on the 20 road surface of rice, some clay already formed nugget. Element of courtyard of black bamboo of Haidian city canal executes the law after personnel discovers this matter, found the transport company of cause trouble quickly, paralell connection adds up to environmental sanitation branch to be swept quickly to the driveway. Through the fast processing of a many hour, contaminative road surface is swept clean. This transport company is fined with 5000 yuan by city tube point.

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