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The old person drives a few notes: Go out best escape height

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As the development of social progress and economy, more and more old people had himCar. Can not look down upon an old person to drive, look drive school those old people that learn a car, serious appearance a bit not as inferior as the youth. Nevertheless, the policeman reminds, in view of the characteristic of old people, caution still should be added more when driving.

Go out best escape height

Opposite atYouth, time of old people leisure is more, timeline is freer, so proposal old person drives go out to keep away from as far as possible fastigium. The policeman tells a reporter, came early at 7 o'clock everyday at 9 o'clock, came at 5 o'clock afternoon the height period of time that 6 o'clock is travel of urban traffic car partly, generally speaking, old people response is slow, drive car speed natureQuiteSlow, be squeezed more easily in congested a section of a highway, be urged, make the mood becomes too nervous thereby, when driving appear easily the movement is mechanical, affect safety of drive a vehicle. So senile driver is like without urgent matter, answer to avoid as far as possibleDriveShed height period of time.

A lot of old people have more or less vision problem, so, for safe for the purpose of, proposal old person had better reduce nightly drive a vehicle. Nightly visibility is low, the line of sight is ambiguous, go up in the road that does not have street lamp especially travel, have a bit can produce an accident carelessly.

Finally, what indelicacy goes when is long-distance drive oneself swim to also do not suit old people. Long-distance drive oneself make a person the most easily fatigue, ask two above driver drives by turns commonly, no matter old people is mixed from physical strength do not suit to drive oneself for energy field long-distance go on a journey.
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