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Wear a shoe undeserved drive lead to horrible disaster

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Wear high-heeled shoes, sponge cake shoe, slipper perhaps hits barefoot, these drive non-standardly behavior, speaking of not to feel what to have at ordinary times, but when when encountering emergency truly, troublesome but big, laws and regulations of traffic safety law is so special to driving personnel wears what kind of shoe to make a specification.

ReporterIn actual life of Shi Ruijie of Xin Jian's reporter, many people do not notice driving little detail, like according to oneself life however, wear a shoe at will, thereby nurturance drives undesirably habit. Made special investigation for this reporter.

Two into the driver " won't wear a shoe "

In the summer that just goes, many attentive policemans are in Zhengzhou city the discovery in be on duty, the behavior of violate the rules and regulations of young female driver is not scarce, compare among themSeriousis to like to wear high-heeled shoes or sponge cake shoe, cool slipper to drive, there also is driver of a few old trucks to wear slipper to perhaps hit barefoot to drive on urban and rural highway, safe hidden danger is not little.

According to Zhengzhou city policeman a policeman introduces 5 groups, in time of 3 of in the past many months, in the illegal action that he corrects, wear the agreement with undeserved shoe to occupy 20 % , the person that wear shoe of high-heeled shoes, sponge cake among them occupies 10 % , the person that wear loafer occupies 8 % , the driver that has 2 % left and right sides additionally hits barefoot to drive. The reporter has made investigation to 100 female drivers, the person that there are 80 % in them has the experience that wears high-heeled shoes or cool slipper to drive, just had not produced an accident by good luck. "The data that the branch provides related the country,
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