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Be surprised! Uncover the oily error of 10 big provinces that your place does no

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Oil price is higher and higher, the province is oily more and more get attention, "Book of the secret that save oil " also emerge in endlessly. A lot of cars advocate although haveEnvironmental protectionEnergy-saving consciousness, but oily to the province skill is sciolistic, be biased, appeared consequently a lot of " error " .

In recent years, CarDevelopment advance rapidly of the technology, the design concept of managing the sources of energy is gone to by sufficient application in new car. Nevertheless, had been not in the energy-saving respect that decrease a platoon to the queen's taste. No matter be to stem from environmental protection concept or cost saving, accumulate a few oily skill and experience very be necessary. And understanding section oily error is undoubtedly a among them " obligatory course " .

Generally speaking, the element that matters to car oily bad news has 5 roughly: Platoon quantity, car block of heavy, wind, EngineWith wave box match, and drive the habit. Before 4 are belonged to " hardware issue " , last are " software issue " . Saying is " roughly " , the reason is a lot of problemsNeedCareful analysis, discharge an amount for example little oily waste time is little it is a general situation, not be very situation however. Looking because of a lot of problems specious, right " error " just need special attention. Understand these errors not only the likelihood is affected henceforth drive habit, return the intention that may change a few be accustomed to sth even.

Error one: Neutral glides canThe province is oily
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