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Tire also should repair 7 minutes 3 minutes to raise influence life 10 big facto

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Tire also should repair 7 minutes 3 minutes to raise lengthen life to have 10 court

1.Of tire anthology match and install

The mattered to tire correctly directly service life that tire installs, changing especially new tire when. The tire with type and different decorative pattern, because the real measure of each tire and bear ability are different, scarcely can be installed with be being mixed arbitrarily. In addition, if you oneself still cannot master completely,change the skill of tire, we suggest you are returned is the tire store to major or department of trade of maintenance of car engage by special arrangement undertakes changing.

2.Working atmospheric pressure

Tire embryo has been pressed low or exorbitant, can affect the service life of tire. If tyre pressure is too low, its radial is out of shape increase, fetal wall two side are out of shape excessive, generation crown two shoulders wear away phenomenon, make the temperature of tire elevatory, the service life that lowers tire badly.

If tyre pressure is exorbitant, the tigidity of tire increases, be out of shape and contact area is reduced, the unit pressure that makes tread mid increases, wear away the drama that add a way. The phenomenon wears away in the center of generation crown, affect comfortable sex and will lower tire life. The experiment proves, if increase atmospheric pressure 25% , tire life will shorten 30% the left and right sides.

3.Tire bear

The negative charge of car is bigger, criterion the life of tire is briefer, do not allow doubt at this o'clock. Fall in overweighted circumstance especially, more dash forward show. The tire that normal tire manufacturer produces mark has carring capacity index. Tire should be in place of designation carring capacity index is used inside corresponding the largest loading capacity.

4.Travelling speed

The tire that normal tire manufacturer produces mark has speed level index. Use inside the top travelling speed that tire should fasten exponential place correspondence in designation velocity stage.

5.Tire temperature

Car is in travel process, because tire is promoted, compress and chafe, cause fetal temperature rise tall. Exorbitant temperature is easy aggravate tire wears away to happen even become flat.
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